Woolbright Family Photos

Filed under: by: Daniel Burkhead

I had the pleasure to take pictures for great family here in Benton. The parents, who live in Chicago, haven't had any updated family portraits in quite a while. While I was doing some repair work at their local (Benton) home, they asked if was would be available for last-minute portraits. Of course, there were a total of 15 of them.....so taking the shots indoors, would have been a challenge...so I thought. As I approached the house, I noticed a good photo-op on their front porch/entry..IF we could do some outside. However, it worked out well. I setup my two AB400's, one with the 64" PLM and one with just a 7" reflector. The PLM was my main light (and provided great catchlights), and I basically had to shot from under the thing! The other light was about 11' - 12' high and to the rear of the subjects. Just enough power to add a bit of a kicker or hair light. Overall, it was another great learning experience and thoroughly enjoyable. Enjoy!