Easter 2010 Photos

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My wife had the idea to get some baby ducks and a baby goat to do Easter pictures for some of our family, friends, and church members.

I setup my ABs in the garage, since the sessions would take place over a course of 2-4 days (it was the end of Spring Break, and people were just getting back into town). My mother-in-law had some old wood that was reclaimed from an old barn that was torn down a year ago. I used it to make an old "looking" backdrop.
The animals were pretty good for the pictures. However, I'm sure they were terrified of the kids. Jacob HAD to get a picture with his Pluto, too.

All in all, it was a success.

Here's some shots from those sessions as well as the setup, itself.


DSC_9223 [800x600]

DSC_9313 [800x600]

DSC_9365 [800x600]

DSC_9480 [800x600]

DSC_9503 [800x600]

DSC_9531 [800x600]

DSC_9615 [800x600]

DSC_9911 [800x600]

Even the parents were scared of the ducks.  At least you'd think so. :D

DSC_9954 [800x600]

The setup: