Father/Daughter Portraits with AlienBees

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So, again this year was given the opportunity to take the portraits for the Father/Daughter Ball at my son's elementary school. This is an annual event sponsored by our church...it's fun and rewarding to be a part of such a great "memory-making" event.

The other photographer I shot with last year has moved to another city, so my wife was assisting me with getting everyone signed in and manning the printer (last year we had them printed at the local Target...I wasn't impressed with them, so this year, we printed them ourselves...110% better, IMO).

I was excited about using my new strobes, and they performed flawlessly. Also, this year, since I was the only shooter, I decided to change up the lighting a little. I used my 64" PLM in front of the subjects and to camera left, about 1/2 power or so. I then used my 22" beauty dish on a boom, slightly behind and above the subjects, to camera right. It was set to about 1/8 power. The look I was trying to achieve was somewhat dramatic. I think I got it.

The catch lights were awesome. There was a few with glasses, and I tried my best to NOT get a reflection in them, but still get the catch light...it was mostly a success.

Here's a setup shot and a few of our friend's pictures. ENJOY!

FatherDaughter Ball 2010-setup

FatherDaughter Ball 2010-8

FatherDaughter Ball 2010-7

FatherDaughter Ball 2010-6

FatherDaughter Ball 2010-5

FatherDaughter Ball 2010-4

FatherDaughter Ball 2010-3

FatherDaughter Ball 2010-2

FatherDaughter Ball 2010-1


On February 20, 2010 at 10:18 PM , Shane said...

Much better than last year. The backdrop makes a huge difference. Oh and the lighting is good too. :)