Cassie & Matt's Wedding (sneak peek)

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I shot Cassie and Matt's wedding this Sunday. It's the first one I've shot in almost a year. I forgot how much running around I did...luckily, my friend Andy went with me to help out. He was my V.A.L.S. for the day (that's Voice Activated Light Stand). He also brought along his SB600 that I used in conjunction with my SB800 and Nikon's CLS feature. Worked nearly flawlessly. Occasionally, I'd move too far infront of the strobe and it wouldn't/couldn't see the trigger from the I'd step back slightly or Andy would move the flash forward. He also kept track of the shots I was taking. Marking them off of the list of shots I'd made up previously. We worked well as a team. During the ceremony, he grabbed my spare body and a lense and took several shots from the opposite side of the wedding, that provided some different views of the same scenes.

Cassie, even though being 9 months pregnant, was a trooper. She contantly had a smile and just radiated with a great sense of humor. Matt, well, he was nervous...but still smiled and had a great time. One of the first things I told them was that I'd shoot whatever shots they wanted...afterall, it was THEIR day. I'd given them several suggestions, but didn't want to put too much on them as their plate was already full. Armed with my list, I proceded to gather who I needed, for what shots, and got started. This wedding, I decided to stick with my 50mm for all of the group shots, which meant my "zoom" was now my feet. I was fine with worked out well.

Every thing went very smooth and the shots, were pretty good, too :)

Enjoy the sneak peek:

Cassie & Matt Wedding-2

Cassie & Matt Wedding-5

Cassie & Matt Wedding-6

Cassie & Matt Wedding-14

Cassie & Matt Wedding-34

Cassie & Matt Wedding-37

Cassie & Matt Wedding-53

Cassie & Matt Wedding-72