New Camera Bag

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While in Korea, we visited several camera stores. There was two things, mainly, that I was looking for...1) a camera bag & 2) battery grip.

I found both, fortunately...and at a pretty good price.

The battery grip is a MeiKe MK-D80, basically it's a knockoff of Nikon's MB-D80...only less expensive. I love the way this grip makes the camera feel. It's got a very stable, secure feeling to it and makes shooting vertically SUPER easy. It will work off of 1 or 2 rechargeable batteries or the included 6 AA battery tray. The convenience of using AA's makes it attractive as well. The build feels solid. The only issue I've had with it, so far is it giving a faulty battery, showing the battery (es) are low or discharged when they are not. I've emailed the manufacturer about it, so I'm just waiting to hear back. Whenever it "malfunctions", I simply pop out a battery and reinsert it.

Battery grip for D90 vertical

Battery grip for D90

I've nearly always carried a backpack style camera bag. Now, I've decided I'd like to carry a "crumpler-style" bag to my side...making it easier/quicker to "draw and shoot". The crumpler-style bags I've found locally in the US, have cost more than I could spend (that's what my budget manager says ;)). I ran across one bag that caught my eye...a TRAGO bag from Malaysia, I believe. So far, this bag is just what I've wanted/needed. It comfortably carries with the shoulder strap and provide quick and easy access to my camera/lens/flashes. Of course it has reconfigurable dividers and LOTS of pockets...literally everywhere!

Currently, I'm carrying my D90 (both with and without battery grip), attached 18-105mm, SB-800, SB-28, 2 Cactus recievers with a transmitter, extra batteries (camera and flash) with chargers, extra SD cards, better bounce for flashes, color corrective filters for flashes, and my 50mm lens.