D90 Vertical Grip ***UPDATE***

Filed under: by: Daniel Burkhead

In my last post about my vertical grip for the D90, I stated that I was having some issues with it and had emailed the manufacturer. I've still not heard anything back, so I posted up my issues in a thread on Flickr about alternate vertical grips for the D90. Luckily for me, Aron Johnson (Kauna'oa), said he had read somewhere that the battery contacts were the problem. I took his advice and pulled the contact down slightly with an awl.

I bent them down, slide in a battery and tested it out. YEA!!  It worked flawlessly!.  I'm PUMPED this thing is working correctly now.

I was missing the vertical ease of shooting with it during Briana and the boys' shoot yesterday.

I MIGHT have to do some more ;)