Bowling with the Family

Filed under: by: Daniel Burkhead

Well, the day before Benjamin started back to school (1st grade) we decided to spend the day doing something they wanted to do...Jacob's pick? Golf (too hot and humid) Benjamin's pick? Bowling. So, we went bowling, which is actually pretty good because we're going to a birthday party this Saturday...and it's a bowling party, so this could be practice for them ;D

Benjamin did pretty well, he's just not quite strong enough yet to really swing that ball with one, he'd run up to the foul line and toss it with both hands.


Jacob, on the other hand...he could just BARELY carry the ball. He tried to toss it like his big brother, but had to resort to the tried-and-true "granny" method.


The main (and frequent) problem with this was, he didn't push it hard enough to make it all the way down the lane, or it would take a LONG time. There was plenty of time to just sit and watch it....and wait....and wait....and wait....


The boys had fun, which was the goal...and we had a good time, too.


Melissa and Briana just watched. Briana would cheer all of us on, though. BTW, she's doing great adjusting and her sleeping is finally getting into a routine.

She loves posing for the camera. I can get a smile nearly everytime I pull the camera out, now.


Now I just need to get back into taking some more pictures...I feel as though my photography has been slacking lately.