Briana is ours

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We went to meet Briana and her foster parents, Thursday at 1100. As soon as we walked in, Briana reached for Melissa...that was AWESOME!!!

Overall, our transfer went very well. We got all of our instructions and directions for going through Customs and Immigration (both at Seoul and LAX), said our "Thank You's" and "Goodbyes". It was pretty emotional for the foster mother as well as Melissa and I.

Luckily, the other couple that we've been running around with (Tim & Cathy Brown), asked if they could video it for us, so Cathy took my video camera and started recording.

Mrs. Lee handed us our "famous" Blue Bag and we headed toward the door.

As we went outside, Briana waved to her foster mother and blew her a kiss. Melissa nearly lost it at that point, me too, for that matter. It was very emotional.

Briana fell asleep in Melissa's arms on the walk back to our hotel room.

Now, the difficult stuff...Briana woke up in our hotel room and well, DID NOT like it! She screamed and screamed. So we went down the elevator and we discovered that she doesn't like elevators either!! GREAT!!

A short while later, we meet up with the Browns and headed toward toward Seoul Tower. Briana had been on the subway many times, so she was comfortable there...actually, anywhere outside, she's comfortable.

Even though she disliked our room, we finally got her to go to sleep about 1030pm or so. And, surprisingly, she slept well. She woke up twice throughout the night for a bottle and that was it.

Anyway, here's some pictures as we try to get packed and ready for the plane right home this evening.

I'll try to update this again after our 12 hour flight to, we'll have a rather lengthy layover.

Until later......

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