2nd Meeting with Briana: AWESOME!!

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Today we met with Briana for the second time. This time was SO MUCH better. She didn't cry one bit (except when the Doctor was messing with her). We got to basically hang out with her until her Dr's appointment. Melissa reached her arms out and Briana willingly went to her..no crying like yesterday. Then we took her into the Dr's appointment. Mrs Lee actually told the foster mother not to come in there, and she was fine with that (both the foster mother and Briana). While we were in the Dr's office, Melissa asked if I wanted to hold her. I thought she might not be comfortable enough with me yet (I didn't hold her at all yesterday) but she came to me just as easily. Mrs Lee turned around and even made a comment about how "even daddy is holder her now, she's doing GREAT! You guys must have prayed alot last night.". That made us feel very fortunate.

So, after her appointment, which went great, by the way.....she weighed 19 lbs! WOW! We were playing with her and her foster mother for a few more minutes when Mrs Lee asked if we wanted to take a walk with her...SURE! So, off we went for about 20 minutes or so. Both Melissa and I took turns carrying her, she didn't seem to mind which one, either.

After our walk we just played in the reception area there with Briana and several other foster mothers and their children. Briana was being a bit of a bully, too. She crawled over to one of the other kids (who was going to his parents, today. One of the other families we've been out with) and wacked him on the head. It was funny to see her do that. She's going to need that ability to stand up for herself with her older brothers.

After about another 30 minutes or so, we said our good byes for the day and told her we'd see her tomorrow.

I was able to catch a few shots today with her smiling and just having a good time. She's such a serious girl, it seems.

Here's some shots for now. Enjoy, until later......

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On August 5, 2009 at 6:52 PM , Suzy said...

SO beautiful! It's so easy to see God's hand in bringing your family together. Still praying that there is more joy than mourning.