Scott Kelby's Worldwide photowalk 2009

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I had the opportunity to participate in this year's Worldwide Photowalk, put on by Scott Kelby. My oldest son also attended (he shot my old camera, the Nikon D40).

We had a great time! It's amazing to look through his shots and see many of the same shots (angles, perspectives, etc.) that I had....even though we didn't necessarily shoot the same things. There was a few times I'd ask him "Hey, what if we shoot this, like this?" and show him what I did...he'd pull up his shots on the LCD and show my his interpretation of the same scene.

I also ran into a friend of mine from High School (20+ years ago). He had saw that I posted a link to the WWPW on my facebook page, and thought it would be fun. He was correct, we all had a good time.

Here's a few of my shots from the photowalk. ENJOY!

Little Rock Photowalk-13

Little Rock Photowalk-10

Little Rock Photowalk-1

Little Rock Photowalk-3

Little Rock Photowalk-1-3

Little Rock Photowalk-8

Little Rock Photowalk-11