New Netbook

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Melissa and I picked up a new netbook Sunday, the Toshiba NB205.

Like the many compact, lightweight companion PCs already on the market, the mini NB205 makes it easy to stay connected and productive while on the go. With a design features a nearly full-sized keyboard and touchpad, promises nine hours of battery life and is offered in a variety of colors.

The Toshiba mini NB205 features a 10.1-inch diagonal widescreen LED display, a full QWERTY raised-tile keyboard and a "laptop-sized" touchpad, potentially making typing and navigating the Web easier and more comfortable than other netbooks. The mini NB205 comes with Windows XP, a Hard Drive with Impact Sensor that guards data from the daily bumps of mobile life and a USB port with "Sleep-and-Charge" that enables users to charge various handheld electronics (iPods, phones, etc.) even when the unit is turned off.

The area underneath the attractive lid of the NB205 continues to impress. The metal island keyboard on our model is one of the best I’ve seen, and rivals that of the HP Mini 2140. Though they’re sturdy and comfortable, it can take a bit of time to get used to its keys. I also noticed that the gray icons for shortcuts on the function keys were hard to see in the light against its silver background, but that's something I can get used to.

I see this being a great addition to our travels. Especially as we plan to test the 9+ hour battery life on our trip to Korea.

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