Still learning.....I am

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It's been a while since I've posted regularly. A LOT has been going on in the Burkhead household.

Today, I wanted to hit a little on where/who I get my inspiration from (besides my wife and kids ;) ) and post some of my recent work.

Let's start with the several blogs/websites that I follow regularly.

Phat Baby Photography, is another family guy, similar to me. Phat Baby Photography specializes in newborn photos, baby photography and family portraits in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. His style of writing is really down to earth and easy to read/relate to. Many of his posts tend to make me think about things from a different perspective. Also, his images are amazing.

 Big Ben, at BTS Photography, is another fellow photographer I follow. His style is awesome and very defined. Go check out his blog and photos.

Marshall, over at f/11, is another father/photographer. His techniques and explanations of them, are worth the read.

Brooke, at PhotoBrooke Creations, is a family friend and professional photographer. We just finished construction of the addition to their house which includes her new studio. VERY nice and looks like it will be an AWESOME place to work.

There a several others that I follow. 2 of which are Don Giannatti & David Hobby.

Don is whom I personally spoke to regarding the specifications of MY studio...when we were going to build one. He's a GREAT instructor. Definitely one of the workshops I'll be taking sometime. I've learned so much from him, his writings and his photographs. Just a great guy!

David is the undisputed Off-camera strobe GURU. Through his posts on his blog and the corresponding Flickr forum, LOTS of information and inspiration have been acquired, and built upon.

All of these photographers have something in common...besides their respective blogs. They all have a STYLE to their writing and the photography. THAT is what I want to work toward. I've taken, literally, millions of photos since I started photography in 1986. One thing I think I'm lacking is a "style". At least one that I can see. :)  So, enjoy the journey with me as I try to find that "style" that fits me.

Oh yeah, here are some of my recent works: