Our first meeting with Briana

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Well we had our first visit and it went pretty well. She started off crying but after a little bit she sat on a table close to us and let us play with her.

Daniel started taking pictures and she loved looking at herself. I eventually was able to hold her. I got in lots of squeezes and kisses. She is absolutely adorable.

The Foster Mother said that Briana (Sa-Rang) has been doing very well around people at her church, and playing with the other children well. That's such a relief, because in all of the reports, we've been told she is very skittish of strangers.

The Foster Mother and Father was with her. The Foster Mother said she has been showing Briana our pics and she say omma(mommy) appa(daddy). Soooo cute!!! She also saw pictures of the boys and has been calling them "big brother", in Korea.

We are going to have another visit with her on Wednesday and then we will get her for good on Thursday.

We found out she prefers fruits and veggies over sweet stuff, much like our boys. I took her some gerber graduates fruit snacks and they made her shiver. I'll try something different Wednesday. The foster mother is going to make her some porridge to send with us on Thursday. Porridge is like soupy over cooked rice. They said she loves it.

We also found out that the little silky we sent her, scares her. We're going to have to talk to Benjamin and Jacob about trying to scare her, like they do each other.

Hope you enjoy the pics.


Waiting on Briana

Mommy's first kiss

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Checking out her Daddy


On August 3, 2009 at 5:30 PM , baseballfanz said...

She's adorable.

On August 4, 2009 at 9:27 PM , d0va said...

x2 it looks like she like you guys already...

On August 5, 2009 at 11:26 AM , Kim R and family said...

So happy for you! I can tell that Briana's foster mother took great care in dressing her in something beautiful for your first meeting. Enjoy the rest of your journey! You'll be heading home before you know it, and then you'll be missing S. Korea more than you ever thought possible. Thank you for the pictures and update!