Strobist Boot Camp II: 2nd Assignment

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I'm scheduled to go to Larry's Pizza on Wednesday to shoot some pictures for his website and menu. But, since I don't shoot food very often...I thought I'd better practice a little and get an idea of what I need to take, how to set the camera, flash(es), gels (if any), etc.

Of course, it being a holiday weekend, we had to grill some hotdogs for the kids. Seemed like a great time to take a few test shots, since the food had to cool anyway ;D

Whatcha think?

Along with David's assignment, he wanted a verification shot taken with the same lighting, containing two coins. I almost forgot about this.

Techie info: Nikon D90, Nikkor 50mm 1.8, ISO 100, 1/200th, f2.8, SB800 in a DIY ring flash behind and slight above plate, set at 1/32 power..... off brand flash, gelled full CTO camera left, max zoomed and set at lowest power ~1/32 power (via DIY rheostat). Flashes fired via Cactus remotes.

Now, depending on how well I do the pizza shots for Larry...these may be my submissions for the assignment. We'll see Wednesday.

UPDATE 7/10/09: I didn't like the pictures I took for Larry last week. So, I've set up another time/day to go shoot some more. Next Wednesday. I'm confident about the next round of pictures. I explained to Greg (Larry's Son) what I had in mind. I think he likes it! :D