Asher's 1st Birthday

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So, I finally had time to do some post processing on the pictures of Asher I took for his 1st birthday. I have to apologize to Wendy for taking so's been a crazy busy last couple of weeks.

I'm still not completely satisfied with the studio setup. There's small things that I can pick out...but I'm like that ;)

I am learning how to be harder on myself and my shots. I really enjoy shooting kids (wow, that sounds bad) it's those little expressions that they make, unannounced, that tell the story.

I hope Wendy and Drew enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed shooting them.

Here's a glimpse of the final shots:

Asher's First-19

Asher's First-9

Asher's First-8

Asher's First-6

Asher's First-2