Family Portrait Shoot

Filed under: by: Daniel Burkhead

As you know, I had a friend and his family come over last weekend for some family portraits (his wife had been on him for a LONG time to get some done, but he's not comfortable in front of a camera). So, anyway....they came over. Him, his wife, daughter and twin sons.

I like to make these shoots just as fun as possible, so we don't have those same ole stiff looking pictures. I think we succeeded here. We all had a great time, even the twins!

I learned A LOT that day. Just shooting someone besides family, makes a HUGE difference. I was really anxious to do this session, so much so that I didn't sleep well the 2-3 nights before. I'm just glad we had fun, and were able to catch some great moments for this family.

Here's a few shots from that session.